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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are customer service skills important?

Good customer service creates visitors to your business or community who want to stay longer, spend more, have a higher "intent to return" and provide you with positive word of mouth advertising.

Why should I become Kansas At Your Service certified?
Benefits to individuals include the potential for increased wages/tips, longevity on the job, increased community awareness and other life-long skills.

What other educational opportunities are available for the tourism industry?
The tourism industry is one of the top industries in Kansas. It encompasses careers in many fields including hotels, restaurants, museums, performing arts centers, convention centers, department stores, campgrounds, state parks, national parks, visitor attractions, wineries, tour operators and many, many more tourism professions. 

How large is the tourism industry in Kansas?
There are over 148,000 Kansans employed in the tourism industry. 

How long is the online training course?
It will take approximately 2 hours to complete the Kansas At Your Service hospitality online training course. Each destination course could take up to 20 minutes each. 

If I start watching the training program but don't have time to finish or my computer locks up, can I resume where I left off?
The hospitality course will automatically save the work as you go along.  If you exit the program and come back later, just be sure to click the tab that says to resume where you left off.  If you share a computer with other employees, you will need to complete the program first before another person can begin. Make sure to clear your web browser's cache, cookies & history. You can do this by pressing Ctrl-Shift-Delete.

I am unable to view all of the video in the modules and I'm having trouble getting the certificate page to load - what should I do?
The modules feature streaming video, which require the most up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player and a broadband Internet connection. If you are having difficulty viewing any section of the online training course please use the above link to download Adobe Flash Player. Viewing of the modules on older PC's may be improved by making sure all other applications are closed.