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Kansas At Your Service



Welcome to Kansas' online hospitality training: Kansas At Your Service (KAYS)

This statewide standardized customer service training, emphasizes the importance of quality customer service in the tourism and hospitality industry and equips employees of Kansas with tools and resources to better serve our visitors. Training for the web-based certification is offered at NO CHARGE and can be taken by anyone who wants to improve their customer service skills.

Tourism is one of the largest and most important industries in Kansas. Its impact is felt throughout Kansas: from small communities to large cities, from convention centers to bed and breakfasts, from the Eastern Wooded Hills to the Western High Plains, from just starting in the workforce to those that own and manage the many businesses that make up this vital industry.

Kansas' tourism industry is a major contributor to Kansas' great way of life. The continued success of the state's tourism industry directly depends on the first class service that will make the experience of our visitors to Kansas memorable.

That's where you come in. By taking the time to learn Kansas At Your Service, it will not only help yourself and your employer, but it will provide the kind of service that will keep visitors coming back to Kansas visit after visit.

After completing the Kansas At Your Service program you will be able to print a personalized certificate that is recognized by employers throughout the state as a symbol of your expertise in service and knowledge of the key success factors in the tourism industry of Kansas.

Then you will also have the opportunity to become certified as a host with the destinations that have been associated with the Kansas At Your Service program. Once you have completed each course, you will again be able to print a certificate showing your employer that you are  certified in that community or region.

Thank you for investing your time in the Kansas At Your Service training and in Kansas' future. Please click the "Take the Kansas At Your Service Course" link in the top left navigation to begin.