High School Student

Photography Submissions

For our special 75th anniversary issue of KANSAS!, we're inviting high school students of the state to submit their photography. The theme for their category is "Ad Astra," meaning "To the Stars." A call to our state's motto. Students are encouraged to submit images they feel represents this theme. 

THEME: Photographs should illustrate the theme Ad Astra, from our state's motto, meaning "To the Stars"
DETAILS: Submit as TIFF or JPEG; images should hold to 300 dpi for a minimum of 8.5x11 inches
SUBMISSION: Upload images here; include a submission form (PDF, Word Doc or text-based doc) that includes name, high school, email and phone contact
PAYMENT: From $50-$150 depending on size published; photo rights and ownership are retained by the photographer
DEADLINE: Submissions must be complete by October 20