Wayne RhodusWayne Rhodus-Photographer

A nearly lifelong resident of the state of Kansas, with a brief stint on the family farm in Nebraska, it would be fair to say that Wayne has heartland roots and values. Raised on the outskirts of Kansas City there was ample time in his youth to wander the hills and streams with friends as they searched endlessly to quench youthful curiosity.
Wayne feels most at home when behind the camera, immersed in nature and natural settings. Like other nature photographers, Wayne shares a burning desire to experience firsthand the flora and fauna of our earth while striving to understand mankind's intimate role in the preservation of the vanishing natural environment.
Wayne's credits include winning the inaugural National Wildlife Federation's "Our Public Lands" photo contest in 2008. Wayne has been published in Nature Photographer Magazine, Birds and Blooms magazine and he was commissioned to shoot the cover for County magazine's Summer 2006 issue. Wayne's image portfolio was recently selected as the Featured Portfolio on Nature Photographers Network's online magazine.


Wayne's work with Kansas!

Cover shot - Winter 2009
Featured artist in the "Artist's Trail" article - Summer 2008