Where the West Began
As tourist discover the magic of the flint Hills, things are changing in Cottonwood falls.
By Bill Sheldon

The Historic Clover Cliff Ranch
Spend a night or two--or your next vacation--in the heart of the Flint Hills.
By Ron Welch

The Legend Lives On
Mystery surrounds the Meade hideout used by the infamous Dalton Gang--notorious train and bank robbers in the late 1800s.
By Edna Bell-Pearson

An Air Affair
The skies above St. Francis are ablaze with color during the annual Stearman Fy-In in the second week of June. [read and see article here]
By Carol Severson

Driving Through History
Ottawa County's Red Post Tours give visitors a taste or rural heritage.
By Jeri Clouston, photos by david E. Clouston

Summer Fun in Coldwater
Lake Coldwater is a summer fun spot offering swimming, boating, fishing and camping.
By Joyce Murphey

Still Gettin' Our Kicks
The legendary Route 66 arches through 13.2 miles of the southeast corner of Kansas.
By Anita Heistand

The Baxter Springs Historical Museum
Route 66 travelers should allow plenty of time to tour this gem among local historical museums.
By Anita Heistand, photos by Aneal Vohra

The Ties That Bind
If you're in Kansas and you can't find a quilt, you're not looking hard enough.
By Judith Galas

Oregon Trail Nature Park
nature trails, native prairie and an unusual scenic mural commemorate Kansas' place in Oregon Trail history near St. Mary's.
By Lori Stratton, photos by Marc Stratton

Lenexa's BBQ Battle
Competitors range from serious professionals to fun-seekers at the annual two-day tournament in Johnson County.
By LeAnn Stephens

Overnight in Olathe
Two historic houses in this southern Johnson County city welcome overnight guests.
By Joyce Rabas, photos by Aneal Vohra

Volume 52, Issue 2
Andrea Glenn, editor
On the cover: Field of Sunflowers in Nemaha County by Kevin Sink