Karen Newell - Topeka, KS - photographer

Karen Newell received a degree in Art from Kansas State University in 1976. It has been her privilege to work as a Registered Nurse for more than 25 years at Stormont-Vail HealthCare in Topeka. In addition to photography, she designs and creates stained glass and pencil drawings. In her photography, she tries to find the beauty in nature and make it unusual and evocative. At times the subjects she chooses might be ordinary but photographed in a unique manner, using the natural light or the weather. Sometimes the subjects create themselves. With any medium she is using, her best work seems to evolve.

She believes Kansas to be one of the most beautiful places on earth, especially the changing seasons and variety of topography. KANSAS! magazine does an excellent job of providing the opportunity for photographers to showcase their work. She has aspired to have her photographs published in KANSAS! magazine since she saw my first copy.

Karen's work in KANSAS!
Spring 2011-Gallery