Jed and Lisa JeterJed and Lisa Jeter - Photographers - Augusta

Jed and Lisa Jeter are lifelong Kansans with a lifelong love for photography. Whether shooting outdoor portraits, a small country wedding, or a sunset somewhere in the Flint Hills, they love to be behind the camera. One of their favorite things to do, when time allows, is to grab a Kansas Gazetteer, their camera equipment, and just take off in their Jeep and explore. "We have found some of the most beautiful scenery and discovered some of our best photo opportunities by seeing what's just over the next hill or finding out where that trail leads" they say. The Flint Hills make a frequent subject of their work but they have traveled to all four corners of the state and everywhere in between searching for their next great image. When not photographing, Jed and Lisa enjoy activities with their children including school sports, camping, hiking and they are also avid home cooks. You can see more of their fine art and landscape work at and at