Harland SchusterHarland Schuster - Photographer - Morrill

Harland Schuster is a freelance photographer based in northeast Kansas and a native of the Sunflower state. His work has appeared in numerous publications and recently, two books: The 8 Wonders of Kansas Guidebook and My Kansas. More examples of his work, and photographic prints available for purchase may be viewed on his website at www.harlandschuster.com. Though his photographic adventures have at times taken him far from home, he waxes poetic when the subject turns to his native state. According to Schuster, "Kansas is a place were silence can touch your soul more deeply than the roar of ocean waves crashing ashore. It's a place where the sheer multitude of colors of a high plains sunrise can overwhelm your senses more than the view from any mountaintop. But chances are you'll drive right past all these if you're in a hurry. More than anything else, appreciating Kansas requires patience. In today's fast-paced, instant gratification society, this can be a challenge. But if you are up to it, Kansas will reward your patience with a beauty and richness you never expected."

Harland's work with KANSAS!
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