Striking sunsets that flooded the prairies in colors of gold, mighty storms, the tranquility of a starry night sky and so much more were all captured this last year. Kansas photographers, and those visiting the Sunflower State, showcased the unique beauty only found in our state. Many shared their work for all enjoy on Instagram. After reviewing the hundreds of photographs featured, our editor chose their favorite ten. We want to thank the photographers who shared their work with us, we look forward to seeing more.

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Tornado in Dodge
A mighty storm in Lane County, taken by Thomas Zimmerman - The Farmin Artist.

Kansas River
A bird's eye view of a kayaker on the Kansas River, shot by @sunfloweroutdoorandbikeshop.

Sunset at Monument Rocks
Sunset at Monument Rocks, in Gove County, was shot by @darren_white_photography

Walking in Peace
Under the Stars at Walking in Peace Ranch in Chase County, captured by @cos72.

Flint Hills
Edge of night in the Flint Hills of Kansas, was taken by @macalterego.

Sunset on the lake
Taken by @gunnwilliams, captured at Clinton Lake in Douglas County.

Scott Bean Tuttle
Sunset Sunday at Tuttle Creek lake, captured by @scottbeanphoto.

Cowley Lake Waterfall
Downpour at Cowley County State Fishing Lake, captured by @codyjames808.

Flint Hills
Flint hills of Kansas, captured by @jonnyt50.

Sunflowers and the milkyway
Milky way over a field of Sunflowers, shot by @itsadamcharles.