International Marketing

The International Travel Marketing Program assists domestic wholesale receptive operators, wholesale international tour operators, and retail international travel agents in their efforts to create, promote, and sell individual tour packages to Kansas. This program is designed to continuously educate the international traveling public on the benefits of traveling in Kansas by generating positive Kansas media coverage through working with the international travel media.

This program's fiscal resources are currently dedicated to target the primary origin-feeder markets of German speaking Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales) and Ireland (Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland).

We partner with Oklahoma for these efforts. The international marketing program is administered by Destinations by Design, Lisa Weigt. 

Lisa Weigt, Destinations By Design
Ph: (480) 664 3076 
C: (602) 999 6158 
Fx: (480) 361 4076



Reach international wholesale travel trade and travel media by participating in U.S. Travel Association's IPW (formerly known as International Pow Wow). 

  • 2016 - New Orleans, LA, June 18-22 - Booth Share OPEN

Shared booth space within the one KSOK booth is limited to two Kansas organizations, booth share space is allotted on a first-come, first-served basis, with first right of refusal offered to past-year delegates. One additional KSOK booth will be explored (2016), though will require three additional KSOK booth share partners. 

Deadline: April 2016

Cost: $2,500 per parnter plus travel expenses

International Travel Writer Press Trips

Host pre-qualified international travel journalists in your community. Available to communities along published international fly/drive travel routes. Throughout the year, hosting is requested from DMOs and/or relevant outfitters and travel experience suppliers (lodging, unique F&B, local guides, attractions & annual events). 

Cost: Trade-out/cost of goods and services

Essentially America - United Kingdom

Essentially America, with 50,000 British subscribers, is a quarterly consumer glossy travel magazine targeting British travelers who frequently visit America. KSOK full-page advertorial placement has been leveraged with Brand USA cooperative funds. Advertorial themes vary, depending on feature editorial within each issue, but always will promote our core destination drivers targeting British travelers (Route 66, Scenic Byways, Native American, Cowboy, Music, Food, and Art & Culture).

KSOK Placement: Full page advertorial
Dates: February 2016 and April 2016 Deadline: 60 days prior to publishing date
Cost: $1,200 - $2,500 based on placement size/issue
Contact: Larry Cohen (publisher) via Lisa Weigt, (480) 664-3076, 

Quarter Horse Journal - Germany, Austira, Northern Switzerland

Western riding, equine consumer magazine sold at newsstands throughout German-speaking Europe. Publishes 30,000 monthly.

KSOK Placement: Full page advertorial
Dates: January - March 2016 Cost: $900 per 1/2 page ad
Contact: Publisher via Lisa Weigt, (480) 664-3076, 

AMERICA Journal - Germany, Austria, Northern Switzerland

AMERICA Journal readers are frequent travelers. More than 90% of all readers visit North America once a year; 33% visit twice or more often 
per year. The average reader stays for 22 days per visit. More than 90% of all AMERICA Journal readers travel with a partner or with family. Magazine is distributed bi-monthly to 40,000 subscribers.

KSOK Placement: 2/3-page 4-color vertical display


  • January/February 2016
  • March/April 2016
  • May/June 2016
  • July/August 2016
  • September/October 2016
  • November/December 2016

Deadline: 60 days prior to publishing date
Cost: $1,250 - $6,000 per placement
Contact: Detlef Fox (publisher) via Lisa Weigt, (480) 664-3076,