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Domestic Consumer Marketing

KDWPT markets to two diverse segments; leisure tourism and consumptive tourism. Defined as:

  • Leisure tourism includes urban and rural attractions and experiences, Kansas Byways, agritourism experiences and non-consumptive nature based activities such as hiking, biking, camping, and bird-watching.
  • Consumptive tourism includes hunting and fishing.

The marketing message is designed to fit the audience and delivery system. When targeting out-of-state audiences, There's No Place Like Kansas for the truly unique assets that will drive visitors here. When targeting Kansans, There's No Place Like Kansas with its many experiences, so why go anywhere else?

Similarly the outdoor consumptive campaigns will also tap the emotional hook of connecting (re-connecting) with nature, friends and family and will emphasize the Kansas' unique outdoor selling points. There's No Place Like Kansas for hunting pheasant or fishing for wipers, etc;

  • diversity of species (both hunting and fishing)
  • when applicable, mixed bag and affordability will be highlighted features
  • abundance and easy access to hunting/fishing areas
  • easy to have a "do-it-yourself" experience, or if you prefer, a full service package

Various media will be utilized in the campaign, most call-to-action points to TravelKS.com and in some cases to KSOutdoors.com. The marketing effort is a cross-channel approach to reach the greatest number of potential visitors efficiently within the constraints of the budget.

A monthly themed content calendar has been created to drive messaging across all channels including public relations. This calendar messages traditional leisure tourism assets as well as timely hunting and fishing messages.

• Late season waterfowl, elk season
• Fishing forecast/regulations, new fishing license season, year in review of state record fish
• Bald eagle viewing events and locations
• Kansas history-related events/attractions (Kansas Day) 
• Frontier Military Historic Byway

• Deer draw, special hunts, March furbearer running season
• Trout, fishing atlas
• State Park cabin reservations
• Couples getaways, arts & culture attractions

• Spring turkey atlas, WIHA, turkey combo permits
• Paddlefish snagging, bass and walleye tournaments, fishing reports
• Birdwatching
• State Park Open House
• Edutainment attractions and spring break family getaways
• Wetlands & Wildlife National Scenic Byway

• Non-resident deer draw, coyote hunting and trapping
• Urban fishing programs, fishing reports, crappie fishing
• Flint Hills Nature Trail, trails and other outdoor recreation at State Parks
• Post Rock Scenic Byway

• WIHA (promote benefits to landowners), rabbits, bullfrogs
• Bowfishing, Kansas Walleye Association tournament, fishing reports
• Watersports, camping, gardens, arboretums, Kansas River Trail
• National Trails Day (June)
• Motorsports
• Golf
• Gypsum Hills Scenic Byway

• Shooting ranges, squirrel season, 3-D bow shoots
• Catfish, handfishing, fishing reports, walleye for early June
• America's Get Outdoors Month
• State Park events
• Art and music festivals, art walks; shopping districts
• Flint Hills National Scenic Byway

• Hunter ed, resident deer draw
• Floatline fishing, late summer/fall tournaments, bowfishing, bluegill, fishing reports
• Boating
• Cowtowns, Civil War sites, forts, rodeos
• Native American heritage sites
• Western Vistas Historic Byway

• Fall hunting atlas, special youth hunts
• W bass, hybrid striped bass, fishing reports
• Agritourism Edutainment (farm and ranch experiences)
• History (non-Western - historic sites and museums)
• Smoky Valley Scenic Byway

• Deer season teaser, WIHA, upland game bird forecast, migratory birds (dove, rail, snipe, teal), antelope
• Bass pass, black bass tournaments, wiper fishing, fishing reports
• Wildlife watching
• Hiking and biking trails
• Quick family getaways - nature centers, zoos, state fair, cultural festivals
• Prairie Trail Scenic Byway 

• Fall turkey, looking ahead to furbear hunting and trapping seasons, migratory birds (woodcock, ducks, Canada geese, white-fronted geese, light geese, sandhill crane)
• Rainbow trout, fishing reports
• Fall foliage
• Bird migration
• Fall events and attractions - wineries, festivals, corn mazes, pumpkin patches
• Glacial Hills Scenic Byway

• Deer rut, WIHA, crow season, beaver trapping, otter, light geese, dove, upland game birds
• Ice fishing
• Wildlife watching
• College sports atmosphere and events
• Microbreweries
• Holiday festivals and shopping
• Native Stone Scenic Byway

• Waterfowl, upcoming hunter ed classes 
• Multi-year youth license (gift idea)
• take kids to Kansas' outdoors over winter break
• First Day Hikes program
• Holiday events
• Shopping and restaurants