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NEW! Casey's General Store Advertising

Counter Mat - Advertiser receives up to two counter mats per location, placed at both cash registers. Advertiser may also place business cards or customer takeaway next to counter mats as long as the advertiser provides the cards and card holder.

Single-Sided Pump Topper - Advertiser eceives pump toppers at all pumps. Rates listed are for all pumps, not per pump. Singlesided pump toppers are placed on top of each gas pump and can be seen from one side of each pump.

Double-Sided Pump Topper - Advertiserreceives up to four pump toppers per location. Rates listed are for all pumps, not per pump. Double-sided pump toppers are placed on top of each gas pump and can be seen from both sides of each pump. Advertiser may have two different messages on each side of the sign if desired.

Hose Sign - Advertiser receives up to eight hose signs per location. Rates listed are for all pumps, not per pump. Hose signs are double-sided signs that can have two different messages, just like double-sided pump toppers.

Door Cling - Advertiser receives one door cling per location. Door clings are placed on the front door of the store just above the door handle. Door clings are double-sided but must have the same message on both sides.

Robin Kamenjarin
Account Manager - Casey's Advertising
(630) 303-7326

Ad Type & Size   

 Standard Rate

Travel Kansas Co-op Rate 

 Counter Mat (16.5" x 10.5")

 $85.00  $35.00/month per location
 Single-Sided Pump Topper (14" x 11")  $135.00   $75.00/month per location
 Double-Sided Pump Topper (13" x 10")  $160.00   $90.00/month per location
 Hose Sign (4.4" x 6.4")  $160.00   $90.00/month per location
 Door Cling (8" x 8")  $60.00   $35.00/month per location

Rack Card Program

Get your message in front of travelers with custom brochure display racks in high-traffic locations. Research conducted by the Center for Marketing Technology at Bentley University in 2012 confirms that brochures are the #1 influence on visitors' decisions after they arrive.

Make sure travelers find your information on display racks located in hotels, car rental offices, visitor centers, airports, restaurants, shopping centers and more. Our partners in this program, CTM and Certified Folder, offer reasonably priced design and print services in addition to paid distribution.

Here's how the program works:

  • The display rack vendor will help you design an informational rack card (approximately 4"x9") and then print it.
  • You will work with the vendor to develop a distribution plan that targets travelers in a particular city, region or across the state.
  • The distribution vendor will stock your rack cards in the established locations and replenish supplies as needed, effectively saturating the market with your material!
  • Note: Distribution of rack cards is free at Kansas Travel Information Centers and Community Information Centers.

Cost: Varies

CTM Media Group (From Kansas City eastward)
Koni Reese
(816) 256-8401


Certified Folder Display Service, Inc. (west of 
Kansas City, also Texas and Arkansas)
Steve Serreyn
(316) 267-1350

NEW! Rack Card Distribution Opportunity

In 2016, there will be 135 Visitor Information Center tourism brochure racks where communities and attractions can have their brochures displayed. Ruben Schuckman, former Tourism Marketing Manager with the Hays Convention and Visitors Bureau, is now providing brochure distribution services through his new tourism business - Central Brochure Distribution. C.B.D. has established a network of brochure racks across the state of Kansas at hotels, motels, convenience stores, museums, restaurants and some unique retail specialty stores that are popular shopping destinations for travelers. Communities and attractions can have their visitor guides, tourism brochures or rack cards picked up by thousands of travelers that would not normally have access to pick up their brochures. For less then $4 per location, your brochures will be picked up by travelers and tourists at both large and small communities along I-70, I-135 and many of the major highway routes through Kansas (Highways 14, 18, 24, 36, 50, 54, 56, 61, 77, 81, 83, 96, 156, 177, 183, 232, 281, 283, etc...) 

Contact Ruben Schuckman for details. 
Central Brochure Distribution
"Promoting Kansas Tourism"