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Digital Opportunities

We can help you whether you're looking for hunters planning their next upland game adventure or a general leisure traveler who is exploring Kansas communities in search of the best slice of pie they've ever had. Make sure they'll see your brand while they're planning their travel online. Whether they've been here before or have never even heard of you, we know where to find your target audience and get your brand in front of them at any point during their research and planning process.

To see how digital advertising might work for your brand, contact our marketing/advertising/PR agency, Jones Huyett Partners, at (785) 228-0900. Their team will:

  • Meet with you (in person or through conference call) to discuss your brand and ideal target audience.
  • Review your existing digital advertising efforts and make recommendations for the best way to utilize KDWPT's Co-op Program within your budget - no matter the size!
  • Provide a custom-tailored digital action plan so you're placing your message online where your audience will see it.
  • Follow-up with reporting so you can see how your ads performed and how many people arrived in Kansas after seeing them. (Arrival tracking is done through Arrivalist and comes as a standard component of your online video, display ad or mobile ad buy. It is not available for your search ads or e-blasts at this time.)


  • There are no deadlines to participate in these digital opportunities except for the email blasts. They are first-come, first-serve because limited inventory is available.
  • Run your campaigns when they best suit your marketing needs. You're not tied down to a specific timeframe.
  • Choose the geographic targeting that works best for your brand. We can custom-tailor them to specific states, cities or zip codes.
  • Creative costs are not included for all of these programs. Ask for details during your free consultation.  

Digital Opportunities

CrowdRiff Social Content

This co-op offers the chance at an expensive product at a great discount! With ability to source and search public social photos posted by users around the world, you will be able to give a boost to your photo library as well as be able to communicate/share with consumers. 

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Arrivalist Tracking

Show your board exactly how much impact your digital marketing campaigns have on visitation to your destination by incorporating Arrivalist tracking pixels on ALL of your digital marketing efforts! This will give you a chance to see how many viewers actually arrive in market, and then be able to determine the ROI of your investment in digital marketing.

With this program, we're expanding our offering from last year and empowering all of our destination partners to incorporate tracking pixels on their paid media placements - display ads, mobile ads, online video, etc., even if they're not placements
coordinated through the Co-op Marketing Opportunities Program. Simply share your media plan with Jones Huyett Partners' digital media team, and they will coordinate getting tracking pixels set up to monitor arrivals based on the creative placements you're running.

You will receive reporting at the 30- and 60- day post-campaign marks to show you how many folks actually came to your destination after being exposed to your campaign. A final report will be provided at the end of the year so you can get a snapshot of the full impact your campaign had.

$1.25/CPM impressions tracked 

TravelKS.com Event & Web Listing

Promote your destination and events through a free listing on TravelKS.com. More than a million visitors came to the website last year!

Production Requirements: Contact your destination marketing organization to list your destination/event on TravelKS.com, or log in to manage your content.

Cost: No charge

Contact: Logan Hildebrand, (785) 296-6292

TravelKS.com Coupons

Everyone likes to get a deal! According to an A.C. Nielsen study, 60% of U.S. consumers are actively looking for coupons. Promote your business/destination's special deals, discounts and packages on TravelKS.com, which receives more than 1 million visitors annually. The TravelKS coupons are one click away from our mobile site's home page, making them easily accessible for travelers on the move.

Coupons must represent no less than 10% off the retail price for services or provide an additional benefit included in the service that is not normally included in the price. Coupon must have a firm beginning and ending date and must be available to the general public. Coupons will only be accepted for businesses/events that have a current listing on TravelKS.com. Coupons are promoted through monthly e-blasts, on social media and on various pages throughout TravelKS.com.

Production Requirements: Contact your destination marketing organization to add your coupon to TravelKS.com, or log in to manage your content.

Cost: No charge 

Contact: Logan Hildebrand, (785) 296-6292

Display Ads on TravelKS.com

Benefit from the state's targeted advertising campaigns by placing your ads in the place where all our efforts lead - TravelKS.com! Meet visitors to our site with your message at just the right time, when they're making decisions about where to visit. Opportunities start at just $30 per month and include traditional and mobile digital ads.

Cost: Click here to view the Media Kit

Contact: Destination Travel Network, (520) 382-0582


E-Blast Event Listing

Promote your event in a monthly e-blast. E-blasts are sent around the first of each month to 20,000 Kansas residents (subscribers to TravelKS.com). Events must be listed on TravelKS.com; limited to eight events per e-blast.

Production Requirements: Fill out this form to reserve your space. Each item can be promoted with a photo/logo and up to 400 characters of copy.

Deadline for Participation: 15th of month before your event

Cost: $200/event

Contact: Logan Hildebrand, (785) 296-6292



Exclusive E-Blast

Put your brand in the inboxes of folks who've already expressed interest in Kansas. Target travelers with specific areas of interest (hunting, history, arts, dining and nature, just to name a few).

Cost: $200/1,000 contacts

Contact: Logan Hildebrand, (785) 296-6292

Social Media - All About You Week

Dominate the Kansas Tourism social media feed for one week! Provide content for up to 12 Facebook posts and Tweets, including copy and photos. Schedule is subject to availability and limited to one insertion per quarter per advertiser.

Cost: $200

Contact: Logan Hildebrand, (785) 296-6292

Search (Pay-Per-Click) Ads

When someone wants to learn more, they search online! Place an ad in the Google, Bing or Yahoo search results so that when your target audience is looking, they find you. Participation in this program will drive hundreds of interested visitors to your website each month.

Cost: Three months minimum

  • $250/month - 500 clicks
  • $500/month - 1,000 clicks
  • $750/month - 1,530 clicks
  • $1,000 month - 2,040 clicks

Contact: jhP Advertising, (785) 228-0900

Online Video Ads

Video is all over the Internet these days. You can place your brand there too with :15 or :30 pre-roll video. Similar to a TV buy, this exposure reaches out to an untapped audience and with a simple click drives them to your website.

Cost: $7,650 for 500,000 impressions

Contact: jhP Advertising, (785) 228-0900

Display Ads

Whether they're animated or rich media interactive ads, these ads will get your brand in front of your target audience while they're reading content about their areas of interest - for example, promoting your destination's cycling trails through an ad ontop cycling websites like VeloNews.com.

Cost: $2,353 for 450,000 impressions

Contact: jhP Advertising, (785) 228-0900  

Mobile Ads on TravelKS.com

What if you wanted to get your message in front of someone who's visiting your area? Put your ad on their mobile phone.

Cost: $2,353 for 450,000 impressions

Contact: jhP Advertising, (785) 228-0900

RUF e-Leads Program 

Generate high-quality leads from prospects interested in traveling to your destination. Our email leads partner, RUF Strategic Solutions, will help you target precisely the kinds of audiences you want to reach and deliver to you qualified, opt-in email addresses that match your target.

Cost: $5,000 for 3,000 leads

Contact: Terry Berggren, (800) 829-8544