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Cooperative Marketing Opportunities

Advertising & Marketing

Marketing your business or destination is tough. Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism and our partners are here to help you identify the best opportunities to put your message in front of the right people at the right time. 

When you participate in our co-op marketing plan, you benefit from our buying power and the media planning know-how of our marketing/advertising/PR partner, Jones Huyett Partners.Together, we've researched a multitude of media opportunities to compile what you'll find in this book - the most effective and efficient options for stretching your marketing dollars.

Click here for additional information or to sign up for our digital opportunities:

For more information, including all opportunities please view the 2019 Co-op Plan.


The official tourism website for Kansas is TravelKS.com. There is no charge for you to be listed on this site. Once you are listed, we encourage you to review it regularly. More than 70% of travelers today use the Internet to plan part, if not all of there trips. Therefore it is critical that the information listed be as accurate as it can be. TravelKS.com receives over 4,000 unique visitors each day.