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The goal of the Kansas Tourism marketing plan is to increase visitor spending statewide by developing several markets: domestic and out-of-state leisure, international and group, as well as niche markets such as nature-based, agritourism and culinary. To accomplish this, the Kansas Tourism Marketing programs work to achieve the following objectives:

  • Educate and engage consumers in the Kansas image and use this to differentiate Kansas from its competitors
  • Carry the Kansas image through all contact points with the consumer and across all program areas of the Kansas Tourism Division
  • Build awareness of Kansas tourism opportunities among our key target audiences
  • Motivate consumers to actively seek more information about the state sites, events, and activities
  • Stimulate itinerary planning and increase length of stay decisions before arrival through such collateral materials as the Kansas Tourism website and the Travel Guide
  • Promote Kansas through public relations and group travel
  • Create industry cooperative marketing opportunities such as print, broadcast, and electronic advertising, public relations, and group tours

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