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Register for the Kansas Byways Annual Meeting

November 6th - Salina, KS

Registration Begins at 8:30am

Cost - $14/person

(The cost of registration is to pay for the food provided as well as a $2.00 service charge to pay pal for on-line registration.) If you wish to just register and NOT eat lunch, please complete the registration form below and click cancel when you are taken to the PayPal checkout. If at anytime you accidentally close the PayPal window before completing your purchase or if the session times out, please contact Logan for assistance.


This form is currently unavailable

After clicking submit, you will be sent to a PayPal check out screen shortly. Please be patient as it may take a second or two to load. Once you have clicked submit, your information will be sent to Sue Stringer for registration count. If you have any issues with this process, please contact Sue or Logan before trying to register again. 

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