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Kansas Tourism and You

Kansas Tourism and You is a resource to help all in the Kansas Tourism industry know how the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism's Tourism Division can support you. Included in the document are sections on Marketing, Kansas Byways, Kansas Agritourism, Travel Information Center's, Signage, Education, Grants, and helpful resources.

You may download Kansas Tourism and You here. (Updated 10-1-14)

You may order the Kansas Tourism and You Binder by placing a new Materials Request order on the TravelKS.com Extranet. Log in here.

Check the chart below to see if any updates have been made to Kansas Tourism and You since you received your copy. You may print individual pages to replace the pages that have been updated.

Update Date    Page Location    Page Download     
10/01/2014  About Tab - About About
10/01/2014 Marketing Tab - Publications   Publications
10/01/2014  Marketing Tab - Group Tour       Group Tour
10/01/2014    Marketing Tab - TravelKS.com Extranet (2 pages)     TravelKS.com Extranet
10/01/2014     Marketing Tab - International Marketing    International Marketing
10/01/2014 Marketing Tab - Kansas Tourism Website & Marketing Criteria Criteria
10/01/2014 Byways Tab - Byways and their Communities Byways and their Communities   
10/01/2014     TIC's Tab - TIC's TIC's
10/01/2014  TIC's Tab - Community Travel Information Center Guidelines & Application C-TIC Guidelines & Application
TIC's Tab - Kansas Travel Iformation Center Printed Materials Distribution Program Form
TIC Brochure Distribution
10/01/2014     Signage Tab - Signage Signage
10/01/2014  Signage Tab - Tourism Signage Application Kit Signage Application
10/01/2014 Education Tab - Education Education
10/01/2014 Grants Tab - Grants  Grants
10/01/2014  Grants Tab - Kansas Tourism Scholarship Program- Page 3 Scholarship App p.3
10/01/2014 Grants Tab - Tourism Marketing Grant, Guidelines & Application - Page 7 Marketing Grant G & A p.7
 10/01/2014 Grants Tab - Tourism Marketing Grant, Guidelines & Application - Page 10 Marketing Grant G & A p.10