Council on Travel & Tourism

In 1987 the Kansas Legislature formed the Council on Travel and Tourism. The duties of the Council are:

  • Advise the Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism in the development and implementation of the state's tourism marketing and business development program including, but not limited to, long-range strategies for attracting visitors to the state
  • Report to the Department of Commerce information for preparation of the annual budget for the division of Tourism
  • Identify and review tourism related issues and current state policies and programs which directly or indirectly affect tourism in the state
  • Recommend the adoption of new, or the modification of existing, policies and programs, as needed
  • Prepare and submit as part of the annual report of the Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, pursuant to K.S.A. 74-5049, and amendments thereto, a report of findings and recommendations of the Council concerning the promoting of travel and tourism in Kansas and related matters as the Council deems appropriate
  • Perform such other acts as may be necessary in carrying out the duties of the council

Council Members

Industry Members

  • Suzan Barnes
  • Adam Mills
  • Donovan C. Stucky

At-Large Members

  • Ken Corbet
  • Cheryl Collins
  • Bridgette Jobe
  • Jan Stevens
  • Lynda Fort
  • Shelia Lampe
  • Jim Hanni

Legislative Members
Ex-Officio Members

  • Lisa Hecker
  • Ann Williamson
  • Linda Craghead