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Council on Travel & Tourism


In 1987 the Kansas Legislature formed the Council on Travel and Tourism. The duties of the Council are to:

  • Advise the Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism in the development and implementation of the state's tourism marketing and business development program including, but not limited to, long-range strategies for attracting visitors to the state.
  • Report to Kansas Dept of Wildlife Parks and Tourism information for preparation of the annual budget for the division of Tourism.
  • Identify and review tourism related issues and current state policies and programs which directly or indirectly affect tourism in the state.
  • Recommend the adoption of new, or the modification of existing, policies and programs, as needed.

Meetings are held quarterly from 9:00am to 12:00pm CST at the Kansas State Capitol, room 211B-N. Agendas and dates can be found on the GCTT meetings page.

Council Members

General Public Members

  • Kate Goad
  • Kevin Fern
  • Diane Robinson
  • Shonda Atwater
  • Jennifer Haugh
  • Karen Hibbard

Travel Association Member Representatives

  • Travel Industry Association of Kansas (TIAK)- Suzan Barnes
  • Petroleum Marketers Association - Susie Coleman
  • Sport Hunting Association – Representative Ken Corbet
  • Kansas Restaurant & Hospitality Association – Lodging – open
  • Kansas Restaurant & Hospitality Association – Restaurants - Chuck Magerl

Legislative Members

  • House Majority - Representative Shannon Francis
  • House Majority - Representative Jan Kessinger
  • House Minority - Representative Jason Probst
  • Senator Minority - Senator Mary Ware
  • Senate Majority - Senator Bud Estes
  • Senate Majority - Senator Julia Lynn

Ex-Officio Members

  • Kansas Dept of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism – Bridgette Jobe
  • Kansas State Historical Society – Mary Madden
  • Kansas Department of Commerce - Alex Rice
  • Kansas Department of Transportation - Jeanny Sharp