Council on Travel & Tourism


In 1987 the Kansas Legislature formed the Council on Travel and Tourism. The duties of the Council are to:

  • Advise the Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism in the development and implementation of the state's tourism marketing and business development program including, but not limited to, long-range strategies for attracting visitors to the state.
  • Report to Kansas Dept of Wildlife Parks and Tourism information for preparation of the annual budget for the division of Tourism.
  • Identify and review tourism-related issues and current state policies and programs which directly or indirectly affect tourism in the state.
  • Recommend the adoption of new, or the modification of existing, policies and programs, as needed.

The Friday, November 6, 2020 meeting will be held virtually.  The meeting will begin at 9 AM Central Time.  There will be a time set aside on the agenda for public comment.  Public comments may be submitted in advance to or during the meeting through “raising your hand” in the chat window.  Each person providing public comment will be limited to 3 minutes. 

Council Members

General Public Members

  • Rosa Cavazos
  • Kevin Fern
  • Karen Hibbard
  • Mimi Meredith
  • Janet McRae
  • Donna Price

Travel Association Member Representatives

  • Travel Industry Association of Kansas (TIAK) - Suzan Barnes
  • Petroleum Marketers Association - Susie Coleman
  • Sport Hunting Association - Representative Ken Corbet
  • Kansas Restaurant & Hospitality Association - Lodging - open
  • Kansas Restaurant & Hospitality Association - Restaurants - Chuck Magerl

Legislative Members

  • House Majority - Representative Shannon Francis
  • House Majority -  Representative Charlotte Esau
  • House Minority - Representative Jason Probst
  • Senator Minority - Senator Mary Ware
  • Senate Majority - Senator Bud Estes

Ex-Officio Members

  • Kansas Dept of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism - Bridgette Jobe
  • Kansas State Historical Society - Mary Madden