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One Tank Road Trips: Pittsburg State University

We’re still early in the fall semester, so you might still feel new to the city and surrounding area… Or you might even be entering your senior year and looking for new grounds to explore. The average gas tank is going to get you about 375 miles of driving around, so we’ll be looking at locations…

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4 Day Kansas Road Trip Itinerary

It has always been my goal to travel to new places and share those experiences with my kids. Our first time in the Midwest, we decided to visit the beautiful state of Kansas! Kansas is truly underrated, and there is so much to see and explore. We took a 4-day road trip through the state, starting in…

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Explore Post Rock Country

Post rock fences were utilized to protect crops and livestock over 40,000 miles of open country in Kansas in the mid- to late-1800s into the 1920s where trees and lumber were scarce. The widespread prevalence of post rock fencing and stone post houses created a landscape and culture permeated with…

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North East Kansas Road Trip

Are gas prices keeping you from getting out this summer? We know that summer plans tend to change when gas prices go up, which is why we made a list of affordable day trips in the northeast region of Kansas. Explore museums, art, local shops, and great food along the way! If you are wanting to go on…

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Get Your Kicks on Kansas Historic Route 66

Road-trippers normally dread close encounters with tow trucks, but not at Cars on the Route in Galena. Stop by to see Tow Tater, the 1951 International boom truck that provided vehicular inspiration for Tow Mater in Disney·Pixar’s animated classic Cars. Just down the street, Gearhead Curios, located…

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