Hiking at Konza
Konza Prairie

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Author: Jordan Roemerman

Stafford ↠ Manhattan ↠ Topeka. Jordan is a Kansas native that loves learning more about her home sweet home. She graduated from Kansas State University (EMAW!) and is currently working as the Marketing Manager for Kansas Tourism. Jordan is an avid believer in rural revival and enjoys exploring all of the great communities (big and small) Kansas has to offer. When she's not on the job she loves working on renovation projects in her century-old home, finding hole-in-the-wall antique stores and boutiques to 'stimulate the economy' (and because she can never say no to a good deal), chasing Kansas sunsets, exploring new restaurants in her community, and annoying her husband Josh with her love and adoration. You can find Jordan on Instagram @captainjroe to see more of her ridiculous adventures.