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Trace Adkins
Sep 9, 2016 - Sep 9, 2016
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Eisenhower Marathon
Apr 8, 2017 - Apr 8, 2017
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We’ve made preparing for your visit easy with the Trip Planner, which tracks your favorite destinations and stores your itinerary. Explore your options, or let us suggest some ideas from our Yellow Brick Road TripsA few clicks and you can relax and enjoy your Kansas adventure! 


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Once you have registered, you have more features available to customize your trip. You can create and store multiple trips, add new stops to any trip, and customize the number of days for each trip. All your trips will be stored and can be easily accessed at any time.
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Start exploring the site for all there is to do in Kansas. Then click "Add To Trip Planner" to start planning your adventure.
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When you are ready to see your schedule, click "Trip Planner" at the top of any page.
Step Three
Drag items from your trip planner interests (in the left column) to your day planner (in the right column). Sort your stops for each day by dragging them in the order you want them to appear.
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