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We Still Like Ike
We Still Like Ike
Two term president, five star general and history buff from Abilene.

Famous Kansas

Here are a few big thinkers from Kansas who have helped shape the course of history.

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John Brown

Born in Connecticut in 1800; came to Kansas at age 55. Played a significant abolitionist role during "Bleeding Kansas" years, leading several successful battles against pro-slavery forces.


Isaac Goodnow

Emigrated to Kansas in 1855. Leader in the free-state movement. One of Manhattan's founders. Helped establish Bluemont College, which later became Kansas State University. Started Kansas State Teachers Association.


Carrie Nation

Started a crusade in 1899 to close the local "joints" in Medicine Lodge. Launched a career of saloon-smashing in Kiowa in 1900. Arrested some 30 times from 1900 to 1910 for destroying saloons with axes.


William Allen White

Born in Emporia in 1868. Bought The Emporia Gazette in 1895. Publisher, newspaper editor, author, made famous by his 1896 "What's the Matter with Kansas" editorial.


Walter P. Chrysler

Born in Wamego in 1875. Grew up in Ellis. Learned about machinery and repair in the Ellis Union Pacific shop. Founded Chrysler Corporation in 1924.


Dwight D. Eisenhower

Born in Texas in 1890. Moved to Abilene in 1892. Distinguished military career 1926-1952. Commander of Allied Forces in 1942. Served two terms as President of the United States.


Amelia Earhart

Born in Atchison in 1897. Began taking flying lessons in 1920. Became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic in 1932. Vanished in 1937 near the end of a flight around the world.


Gordon Parks

Born near Fort Scott in 1912. Became the first African-American photographer to work at magazines like Life and Vogue, and the first to work for the Office of War Information and the Farm Security Administration.


William Inge

Born in Independence in 1913. Attended the University of Kansas before becoming a playwright. Won a Pulitzer Prize for Picnic. Won an Academy Award for the original screenplay for Splendor in the Grass.


Robert J. Dole

Born in Russell in 1923. Served in World War II. Received a law degree from Washburn Municipal UniversityTopeka, in 1952. Went on to become U.S. congressman, senator and presidential candidate.

Photo Credits:
Robert J. Dole - Dole Institute of Politics
John Brown, Isaac Goodnow, Carrie Nation, William Allen White, Walter P. Chrysler, Amelia Earhart, Dwight Eisenhower, and William Inge - Courtesy of the Kansas State Historical Society
Gordan Parks - Douglas Kirkland 

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