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Contributors A-F

Anita Miller Fry-Writer

Anita Miller Fry - Writer - Topeka Anita Miller Fry loves her native state of Kansas, from the friendliness of the people to the beautiful vistas of the Flint Hills. When she's not writing, she explores the small towns that dot the prairie, or tastes the homemade specials at mom and pop cafes. Anita also enjoys driving the backcountry roads to ... more

Bill Fales-Photographer

Bill Fales - Photographer - Derby Bill moved to Kansas from Massachusetts as a young adult, and has never regretted that decision. Bill has been interested in photography for as long as he can remember, and in 1995 he got serious about his craft and created Coastal Plains Images as an outlet so the public could also enjoy his photographs. ... more

Katherine Dinsdale

Katherine Dinsdale - Writer - Lawrence Katherine Dinsdale is a happily transplanted Texan who loves life in Lawrence. She remembers following a moving van with her husband and three little girls as they drove north out of Texas across the Red River 20 years ago. They were off to a new home and life in Kansas. At the very moment they ... more

Jason Dailey-Photographer

Jason Dailey - Photographer - Lawrence Jason Dailey grew up on Air Force bases and finally landed in Kansas just in time to see the Royals win the World Series. After moving often as a kid, Jason appreciates the pace of Kansas. He has been photographing in Kansas and the region since 2000, working for local, regional and national publications. ... more

Amy Conkling-Writer

Amy Conkling-Writer-Hutchinson Amy Conkling is a lifer of Hutchinson, Kansas. She enjoys Kansas' flat lands and beautiful sunrises as she runs her way around Hutchinson. She and her husband, Jack, and 18-month-old daughter, Mackie, love cheering on the Kansas State Wildcats in all sports, especially volleyball, women's and men's basketball and ... more

Brynn Burns-Photographer

Brynn Burns - Photographer - Kansas City, Kansas A proud native of Kansas, born in Lawrence and now living in Kansas City, Brynn Burns has studied, created and experimented with photography for over 20 years. As the daughter of an artist and naturalist, her combination of art and nature was inherent. She has Bachelor's degrees from the University ... more

Gary Bonawitz-Photographer

Gary Bonawitz-Photographer-Manhattan Gary Bonawitz and his wife Sharon, of 40 years, are lifelong residents of the Manhattan Kansas area. Gary notes that as they have grown older they have also grown more aware and fond of the beauty of their "home" state. They enjoy photography as a hobby and feel that KANSAS! magazine does a great job ... more

Scott Bean-Photographer

Scott Bean - Photographer - Manhattan A native Kansan, Scott Bean grew up spending time outside hunting and fishing from which he developed an interest in nature. His passion (or addiction) for photography grew from a desire to simply be outside. "I love to drive the back roads and explore places I've never been before while ‘hunting' ... more