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Lone Star Lake Bison Ranch

588 N 300 Rd
Overbrook, KS 66524
Phone: (785) 594-2926
Fax: (785) 594-2926
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Step back in time and imagine the vast sea of brown that settlers traveling westward on the Santa Fe Trail experienced. Bison have thrived for thousands of years on the native prairie grasses that abound in this area. Bison are back to stay, thanks in large part to family-owned ranches like this one, whose mission includes both the preservation and promotion of this majestic animal. This working bison ranch offers the opportunity to learn more about the cultural and historical role bison have played in shaping our past, present and future.
Agritourism is alive and well in Kansas with ranches like this one that provide a unique and memorable opportunity to experience farm life first-hand. Discover the importance of preserving small family farms and this vital way of life in rural America.
Bison meat is rapidly becoming known for its awesome taste and healthy and nutritional value. The Lone Star Lake Bison Ranch produces 100% grass-fed, home-grown, locally-produced bison meat containing no added hormones, growth stimulants or antibiotics. Eating healthy and knowing where your food comes from is vitally important for our health and the sustainable future of agriculture in our area. The Bison Country Store is open daily from 9am-6pm and welcomes group tours. Call or e-mail for group tour information. This ranch is conveniently located on the historic Santa Fe Trail (Highway 56) 10 miles West of Baldwin City or 8 miles East of Overbrook. The Bison Country Store is expanding to include additional items such as locally-grown fruits and vegetables and locally-produced items in partnership with area growers and producers. Sample the awesome taste of healthy and delicious bison meat and discover why bison is America’s Original Red Meat.