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Circle HF Guest Ranch

2133 O Road
Lewis, KS 67552
Phone: (620) 324-5265
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They take you far from the pressure of crowds and tourists.Come and enjoy the true spirit of the Old West and the ever-present feeling of freedom that only the Midwest Country can offer. HF Guest Ranch is a true working ranch and farm. Choose your plan from our plans page and we will see to it that it happens. Learn more on our website, and call or email with any questions-come experience the ‘real’ Prairie at the Circle HF Guest Ranch. Most of our cattle work is done from the backs of good ranch horses. We calve during the spring (in order to be in sync with nature). We ride most of everyday during June, July and August continuously monitoring the range from horseback making sure our cattle herds are on the freshest pasture. We do not round the cattle and calves up to bring home until October or November to wean, brand and vaccinate. Working ranch guests are invited to ride along with us each day as we go about our daily work. And if part of the day entails fixing fence, taking out mineral, or some other pickup-bound chore, guests can either come along and help the cowboys, or are welcome to explore the Prairie on their own, or with a guide.