Marci Penner


This a group of people whose names will probably come as no surprise. This family's reputation is as long standing as the list of accomplishments they have made in the promotion of Kansas and especially rural Kansas. There's probably not much I could tell you that you don't already know about this energetic and family who encourages visitors to -Do the Dirt, -Shop Local, -Discover 8 things, - Get Rural and tell you to Explore.

One nomination said:

"How is this individual promoting Kansas? She writes books, does classes, gives talks, promotes websites, promotes cooperation, tells people constantly about this state, runs the Kansas Sampler Foundation, started the Kansas Sampler Festival. The easier question to answer would be what doesn't she do?"

The whole family works to promote their community and make it a good place to live.

Read more about the Penner family in the 2011 winter issue of KANSAS!

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