Eileen Robertson


Eileen was born in Texas, Raised in Kansas, studied in Illinois and taught in California eventually returning to Humboldt in 1985 after an epiphany that she was living in the wrong place and missing the values of Kansans. Each year she volunteers reenacting an 1861 Confederate raid and every October oversees Biblesta.

One of the nominations said:

"Eileen works tirelessly to promote Kansas, Southeast Kansas, and the City of Humboldt. She and her husband travel to and participate in the Kansas Sampler Festival every year representing and promoting the City of Humboldt, Biblesta, FFNHA, SEKTR, Bloody Kansas and Civil War Days, to name a few. She also serves on the William Inge Festival Foundation Board in Independence. Her energy is never-ending and her love for our state is deep."

Eileen volunteers for everything in Humboldt. She belongs to the Humboldt Historical Society, Allen County Historical Society, Downtown Humboldt Action Team Street Scape Program, Downtown District Historic Building Preservation, Chamber of Commerce/Tourism volunteer, and she teaches religion classes to high school students at the Lutheran Church in Humboldt.

Eileen Robertson, thank you for being one of Kansas' Finest

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