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The Event Impact Calculator (EIC) is a tool you can use to generate a quantification of the direct, indirect and induced impact of an event held within Kansas. With the availability of the required data entry, this easy -to- use tool can assist you in assessing the economic impact of any type event (i.e. festival, sporting event, convention/meeting, etc.). The EIC is designed to supplement your existing processes by providing sound benefit estimates and a quick initial estimate of net return. Benefits are measured in terms of output/spending, job creation, corresponding payroll, and tax receipts (state & local). Calculating these benefits provides the wherewithal to quickly evaluate economic impact and ROI (return on investment) for sponsorship requests. The EIC uses data from the 2011 Tourism Satellite Account Impact Study to calculate results.

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Event Impact Data

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1 - Enter current year

2 - Enter year event will be held

3 - Attendees - Enter the number of expected attendees to the event per day

4 - The number of Attendee Days, or days the event is expected to last, should be entered into the fourth cell. This should be calculated as one day and one night = one day. If an event does not involve overnight stays, enter one day.

5 - Local Attendees will be entered as a percentage of the total attendance.

6 - Event Spending, local is defined as the dollars spent by meeting or event organizers in the preparation or execution of the event. This number should encompass all spending activities, including event rental fees, hiring of local staff for event set-up/breakdown, spending on local advertising, etc. Workers for the event (booth staff, management, etc.) should be included in the Attendee figures of cells 3, 4, and 5. Do not include expenses that will be paid by revenue generated by the event. (i.e. You should not include the cost of entertainment if that entertainment is paid from ticket sales.)

7 - The user should enter the expected Number of Paid Lodging Rooms Per Day that will be occupied by event attendees into cell seven. When entering this field, the user should be cognizant of the characteristics of the attendees and the event being calculated due to the potential for double occupancy room, such as parents with children. 

8 - The Average Room Rate, or an estimate if unavailable at the time of calculation, is required for economic impact calculation. This figure is the average per room amount the attendees will pay per night. 

9 - Enter the Value of Support (concessions) that will be provided, free of charge, for the event. This support may be provided by state/CVB/ Convention Center, etc... and may include police/security, signage, rental discounts, tax benefits, etc...

Please Note: Enter whole numbers only, no commas, decimal points, etc... 

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