Kansas Blog http://www.travelks.com/blog/ Tag - Riverfest Sat, 23 Aug 2014 19:47:43 GMT Kansas Faces & Places Tour: Good Times in Wichita and Salina http://www.travelks.com/blog/post/2011/18/Kansas-Faces-Places-Tour-Good-Times-in-Wichita-and-Salina/650/ Last weekend my husband, Chris, and I were part of the Kansas Faces &amp; Places “Roadies” crew. We started at the Wichita Riverfest, then traveled to the Smoky Hill River Festival in Salina. Sat, 18 Jun 2011 07:00:00 GMT http://www.travelks.com/blog/post/2011/18/Kansas-Faces-Places-Tour-Good-Times-in-Wichita-and-Salina/650/ Find Family Fun at Wichita’s Riverfest! http://www.travelks.com/blog/post/2011/6/Find-Family-Fun-at-Wichita-s-Riverfest-/574/ <img src='http://www.travelks.com/includes/content/images/media/Keeper-of-the-Plains.jpeg'/><br/>River festival offers nine days of Kansas entertainmentFor more than 40 years, Wichita’s Riverfest has kept crowds coming back for an annual event featuring live music, fireworks, food, games and many other family-friendly activities &nbsp; Mon, 06 Jun 2011 07:00:00 GMT http://www.travelks.com/blog/post/2011/6/Find-Family-Fun-at-Wichita-s-Riverfest-/574/