We may think photo manipulation is a recent phenomenon ushered in with our desktop computers, but it was happening long before the first computer chip came into existence. In the early 1900s, "exaggerated postcards" were a big hit, especially in the Great Plains. 

One of the masters of these creations was a man from Ottawa. His sense of humor and his photo manipulation skill led him to sell more than 7 million postcards in 1910. William Martin produced cards with giant ears of corn, pumpkins and rabbits, to name only a few motifs.

The Kansas Historical Society has shared five images with us. Read the postcard's caption and get inspired to create your own. Pick your favorite and caption it on the comment section below. Make sure you tell us the photo you are captioning. You have until February 15 to participate and we'll announce the winner on the 18th. The winner will receive a giant ear of corn! No, just joking, the winner will get four admission tickets to the Kansas Museum of History. Tickets were provided by the Kansas Historical Society.

So put on your thinking cap, tickle your funny bone and come up with a caption for one of these historic treasures.

Exaggerated Postcard #1


Exaggerated Postcard #2


Exaggerated Postcard #3

Exaggerated Postcard #4


Exaggerated Postcard #5