Test your knowledge of Kansas trivia and be a winner! When you answer the questions in the comment section below correctly you'll be entered into a drawing for a subscription to Kansas! Magazine. You have until July 26 to enter the contest. The winner will be announced July 30. So put on your thinking cap (Google is off limits...no cheating!) and take a little trip through Kansas trivia. 

1. The Kansas State Capitol is decorated with murals by this artist, who considered them his greatest work. This famous artist hailed from Jefferson County. What is his name?

2. General Colin Powell initiated a sculpture project to honor the African American soldiers who served in the 9th and 10thCavalry regiments. Where is this 13-foot bronze monument to the Buffalo Soldiers?

3. What Kansas town promotes itself as being located halfway between San Francisco and New York?  It's 1,561 miles both ways.

4. There are at least three Kansas towns with underground cities. Two of them once had thriving underground districts. Name one of them.

5. This area in western Kansas was established after the Dust Bowl to prevent soil erosion. It includes three ecosystems - shortgrass prairie, sand-sage prairie and wood riparian. What is the name of this nationally recognized area that includes 23 miles of the Santa Fe Trail?

6. In 1919 Oscar Micheaux became the first African American to produce a full-length motion picture with an African American cast. Where was he born and raised?

7. He saw a need and filled it by creating the first restaurant chain in the country. They were placed about every 100 miles down the railroad track and featured young ladies in crisp white aprons as waitresses. What was his name?

8. Susanna Madora "Dora" Salter, the first woman mayor in the U.S., was elected in Kansas. What town elected her in 1887?   

9. This town is the home of circus performer Emmett Kelly. What is it?