Your perfect travel day in Kansas might include a special restaurant, a favorite attraction or shopping at a place you love. Maybe it has all of those things, plus some. Regardless of what it looks like, we want to hear about it, and it could make you a winner. 

Write about your perfect Kansas travel day and be entered in this month’s contest. It doesn’t matter if it’s a day you’ve already experienced, or one you’re dreaming of. It could be the town where you live, or the town where you grew up. After all, being a local means you know the best places to shop and eat, and the sites that shouldn’t be missed. Maybe some of them are not well-known, but would give tourists a new appreciation of Kansas travel.Maybe your perfect day is in a place you’ve been planning to visit for awhile. You’ve got plans about where to go and what to do. No need to keep that to yourself. Share!

Tell us all about your perfect Kansas travel day and be entered to win a signed Flint Hills print from Jim Richardson.